January 12, 2018
Films of the Resistance
Jordan Flaherty, Huffington Post

October 26,2016
Documentary Premiere of FREE CeCe showing at Twin Cities Film Festival
Cassandra Snow, The Column

August 9,2016
Trancending Unjustice
Nabrayah Jones, The Rainbow Experience

May 18,2017
"Must see documentary”
Ananya Garg, The Stranger

October 26,2016
Powerful Documentary to premiere at TransRealization
Gretchen Rachel Hammond, Windy City Times

June 9, 2016
LAFF Review of FREE CeCe!
Morgan Rojas, Cinemacy

May 1,2017
"An Opportunity for People to Learn”
Dusty Somers, Seattle Times

September 9,2016
FREE CECE! Explores Prison Abolition & Anti-Trans Black Violence
Dana Sayre,

June 6,2016
Jac Gares Interview
Dan Reynolds & Allison Tate, ADVOCATE

October 31,2016
FREE CECE! Debut at the Music Box
Jonathan Sadowski, Columbia Chronicle

August 30,2016
Jac Gares Interview
Barbara O’Leary, Directed By Women

June 3, 2016
Laverne Cox and CeCe McDonald Discuss the Epidemic of Violence Against Trans Women
Samantha Cowan, Take Part